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‘59 Oldsmobile 98


The flagship of Oldsmobile between 1940 - 1996 was the Oldsmobile 98(sometime spelled Ninety-Eight after 1956). This full-size model wasfitted with an 8 cylinder engine appearing in 1941 and again afterconsumer autombile production resumed after World War II.


The ninety-eight would be Oldsmobile’s top-of-line model with thenumber-name remaining until 1997 when the Oldsmobile Regencytag replaced the 98. The Regency badge would become common inlater years with additional tagging like L/S and Holiday. The General Motors C-Body type platform was shared with Oldsmobile, Buick and Cadillac.


Since the 98 was the top-of-line Oldsmobile, the most technologicallyadvanced items where available such as Autotronic Eye (automaticheadlight dimmer), Twilight Setinel (an automatic feature turnedheadlights on & off via a timer - controlled by the driver), air scoopbrakes, safety spectrum speedometer, rocker panel moldings, specialemblems, parking brake light, sponge vinyl headliner, deep twistcarpeting and high grade interior, electric clock, wheel trim moldings,powering steering, power brakes, and a jetaway hydramatic transmission- all powered by 394 cu in (315HP) Rocket V8 on a 126.3” wheelbase and9x14 in tires. An anti-spin rear axle was optional.


And all for the low - low price of $4,366.00 !!!





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